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Is FMovies legal?

The online index attracts more than 95 million viewers from all over the world every day. The resource is owned by Vietnamese owners and is the most visited video hosting website. Posting content bypassing copyrights has generated a lot of legal harassment from the U.S. Motion Picture Association, in 2018 the service was blocked. But "clones" of FMovies with a similar domain name have appeared on the Internet, allowing users to access movies and TV shows in the same format as before. The mirror pages are completely the same functionality, and the videos are downloaded in high resolution quality.

How to bypass blocking due to copyright infringement

To view a video you're interested in, just click the appropriate icon. No authorization is required. The video is downloaded online on the movie page without any downloads. The only thing the creators of the resource recommend is to log in through a VPN. Such a measure is necessary to bypass browser blockers and protect your IP address. The government and ISPs are constantly monitoring your online activities, so it's worth installing an extension to hide your digital footprint.

Main sections of the site

On the FMovies home page, you'll find a handy search by the following categories:

- Country of Origin

- Genre

- TV series

- TV shows

- Films

- New Releases

- IMDb ratings

Some sites suggest using selections like: top 250 best movies, TV series, thematic. The catalog includes both new and old movies. Most of the files are downloaded in HD quality. If it's a new movie that's just coming out, it may appear in CAMRip first, then in HD. There are also pay-per-view (VOD) videos in the highest resolution.

Advantages and disadvantages of FMovies

There's a reason why this platform has gained such widespread distribution and viewer love. Among the pros of the service are:

- free access to movies, including new releases of the film industry;

- no fees and subscriptions, no need to bind a payment card;

- no registration is required;

- convenient filters for search;

- in addition to feature films there are documentaries, popular TV shows;

- Viewing online directly in your browser.

Perhaps the only downside to FMovies is that due to blocking sanctions from copyright authorities, the site often doesn't open in search engines or videos don't load. Usually, turning on a VPN immediately solves this problem.

Site functionality

FMovies allows any Interne user to watch movies and TV series online without advertising and personal account registration. The developers of the service have taken care to ensure that every visitor can find interesting content through a convenient menu navigation..